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FrandCorp - Compressed Air Services, Systems and Solutions
FrandCorp - Compressed Air Services, Systems and Solutions

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FrandCorp - Compressed Air Services, Systems and Solutions

Over the years, FrandCorp has developed into an engineering company providing specialized industrial services, systems and solutions. The member of FrandCorp CC, Francois De Jager, has more than 20 years of experience in the field (nationally and internationally); With his specialized expertise in the industry we are able to capitalize on our strong relationships in the industry to receive preferential pricing, thus increasing our competitive advantage.

Today, FrandCorp has facilities in Bartlett, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The tradition of evolving and expanding for the company’s long-term success continues as we aggressively seek to form new relationships using our reputation as a superior and specialized services, systems and solutions provider and integrator. While we strive to deliver the best possible products and solutions for our clients, we are dedicated to providing engineering, programming and technical support services for value added products.

The FrandCorp Advantage:

The FrandCorp Solutions:

FrandCorp has the expertise to offer a complete solution for a wide variety of industrial applications, as we offer specialized solutions in:

Air Energy Management Systems:

FrandCorp specializes in air energy management with the aim to reduce energy costs associated with compressed air systems. We specialize in reducing the compressed air demand on air compressors while maintaining air supply necessary for production requirements. Reducing energy costs through compressed air efficiency, our aim is to save you money and maximize your overall efficiency.

As an independent company we can select the best energy efficient products for the application. Now, that’s energy saving!

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